About ZAF Distributors

ZAF Distributors is a reliable, efficient, and affordable source of table cloths and accessories to the entire hospitality industry. We do not compromise on quality and provide excellent product knowledge and superior customer service.

Our Clients Are Important

Our clients are looking to express their individual tastes at their functions. To satisfy this demand, we provide a wide range of fabrics in a variety of sizes, colours and textures,and cater for any style and budget.

More About Our Products

Our core products include tablecloths in any size, (boxed, stretched or loose fit), for conference, cocktail, trestle or restaurant tables, which includes branded PVC.

We manufacture accessories for place settings such as serviettes, overlays, runners and tiebacks as well as under covers in any fabric of your choice.

Curtains are manufactured according to client's specifications.

Contact Details:

+27 (0)12 370 2878
+27 (0)12 370 3226


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